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yeniffer behrens

Owner & Acting Coach

Award winning actress Yeniffer  Behrens has expanded her talent as a producer, director, content creator and philanthropist. The former Miss Teen Miami recurred as Marianna, in the long-running ABC classic daytime series General Hospital. Yeniffer has guest-Starred in many other television series, including  Dave on Hulu, Grace and Frankie, How To Get Away Wiith Murder, Young Sheldon, C.S.I., Desperate Housewives, Nip/Tuck, J.A.G., Boston Legal, In Plain Sight and Sons of Anarchy.  Her film credits are The Specialist, Seven Pounds, A Day Without A Mexican, Unknowns, After School, Por Tu Culpa, Decisions, Counterpunch and currently you can see her in Ben Affleck’s new  movie The Way Back.

special coaching skills:

  • Actor branding and networking

  • Longevity in the entertainment business

  • Audition techniques

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mauricio mendoza

Owner & Acting Coach

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Mauricio Mendoza, an award-winning actor/producer, completed three seasons as a series regular on Showtime’s Resurrection Blvd as Miguel Santiago. He appeared in one season of the Telemundo/Sony Tri-Star series Angeles as David Bose, Hacienda Heights for MegaTV, La Quinceañera Stage 13/Warner bros and the recently released series El Desconocido.  Roles include work on Adam Ruins Everything, The Rookie, East Los High, Criminal Minds, The Last Man On Earth, Curb Your Enthusiasm, NCIS, NCIS LA, 24,Law and Order LA, King of Queens, Undercovers, Days of our Lives, Lincoln Heights, Cold Case, Everybody Hates Chris, Numbers, Judging Amy, Virgin of Akron Ohio, Larceny w​ith Dolph Lundren​, Crave, The Fast ​Life, ​Blow with Johnny Depp, and Seized with Scott Adkins. Mr. Mendoza also has a  production company, True Form Films, where featured films are produced.

special coaching skills:

  • Self-tape training

  • Character development

  • Script memorization techniques

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