Ricky Randolph

I felt comfortable I wasn’t rushed they were kind enough to walk me through all aspects on how I should deliver the lines. They made sure that my attire was appropriate for the scene and nice enough to lend me wardrobe. They’re reasonably priced and they make you feel like you’re part of family.

Miguel Angel Paredes

"True Form Film’s “Shortcut to Hollywood” program came into my life at the right time. Having just moved back to Los Angeles I knew I needed to immerse myself in the film industry and learn how to navigate it but I didn’t know where to begin. Within a month of working with True Form Films, I had signed to a professional agent in Burbank, filmed multiple auditions and had my first professional callback. They worked with me every step of the way and explained how it all works. What makes Yeniffer and Mauricio different from other acting coaches is the welcoming atmosphere they create. From the beginning I felt as though I had a connection and could trust them. There are no questions that are off limits or too simple. The holistic approach they utilize not only focuses on the professional aspects of the film industry but also how to create a lifestyle that will further one’s career. I wholeheartedly urge every actor that is questioning how to navigate Hollywood and create opportunities for themselves to join this class."

Ella Edwards

The environment was so relaxing and  both were so supportive and helpful, it really felt like building a scene and not awkward like self-tapes can be, and the tape turned out beautifully! Thank you again so so much!!

+1 (818) 275 - 2523